What We Do


We are on the relentless pursuit to create equitable environments where young people can learn, grow and thrive in America, providing daily access to safe places, caring adult mentors and evidence-based life-enhancing programs, both after-school and during summer.

About Us

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit youth organization. Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club organization currently has 6 Club locations spanning across 5 counties including 2 states. We are located in the following counties in KY: Butler, Daviess, Henderson, and Ohio; as well as South Spencer, IN. The organization has both Units and Extensions. Units are our Club sites that are open year-round excluding weekends. Extensions are our Club sites that are only open during after school programming.

We offer after-school and summer programming for kids and teens ages 6-18 years of age. At the Club, members have a safe environment, academic support, healthy snacks, high-quality programs and supportive mentors. See our CHBGC History page to read our organization’s full history of each Club site. 

To learn more about our organization’s namesake, Mr. Cliff Hagan, see our Cliff Hagan Bio page. 


Why Boys & Girls Clubs?

Boys & Girls Clubs serve 4.6 million kids and teens (and growing) annually. Clubs meet kids where they spend 80% of their time: outside of school. Clubs are doing Whatever it Takes to Build Great Futures by:

  • Advocating for equal access and opportunities for all young people
  • Developing life-enhancing programs that encourage kids to elevate the power of their voice
  • Caring mentors who help kids develop the skills needed to succeed
  • Elevating the next generation of leaders

Clubs are embedded in your local communities, offering safe in-person and online spaces and the key ingredients that kids and teens need to reach their potential. By building on their strengths and the assets in their lives, Clubs strengthen young people’s resilience and belief in their own capabilities.

Areas of Impact

.1 Academic Success

.2 Good Character & Citizenship

.3 Healthy Lifestyles

Young People Who Need Us Most


Outcome Driven Club Experience


Priority Outcomes


Guiding Principles

For over a century, Boys & Girls Clubs have been opening doors of opportunity and preparing young people for a great future. We see possibility in every young person and are committed to being a voice for all youth in America, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

All 6 of our Club locations make the commitment each and every day to show up and prove every youth has what it takes. Every Club member matters. They all deserve opportunity. We are here to elevate them and let them know that they are capable, worthy and important. We know every young person has what it takes to achieve a great future. 

Our 3 Guiding Principles are as follows:

  1. Provide all Club members with high-quality Club programming that is safe, fun and makes a measurable difference.

2. Lead a national dialogue to advocate that every community in the US provide access to high-quality out-of-school-time programs and experiences that equip young people, especially those growing up in disadvantaged curcumstances, with the tools to succeed.

3. Recognize that no single organization can provide everything needed to enable youth to succeed, Boys & Girls Clubs must establish dynamic partnerships with public and private institutions, locally and nationally, to assure high-quality youth development experiences for all young people in America.

BGCA Confidential Hotline

National Child Abuse Hotline

Provides free 24/7 access for adults and youth to professional child abuse crisis counselors who offer crisis intervention and confidential referrals.


Child Safety Helpline

Praesidium provides employees, volunteers, parents, and youth with anonymous helpline for reporting of suspicious or inappropriate behaviors regarding children.


Ethics Point Hotline

Provides employees, volunteers, and parents anonymous reporting of any unethical or illegal workplace activities.


Crisis Text Line

Provides free 24/7 access for adults and youth to confidential support with professional crisis counselors.

Text CLUB to 741741

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