Recap- JUNE Summer Programming 2024

July 10, 2024

June Summer Programming Recap 2024

June was the kick-off to our 2024 Summer Programming! Our Club members were busy daily with activities, arts & crafts, special guests’ presentations, family night, teen night and more. We want to thank every one who helped make our first summer month a success. Check out our picture galleries down below to see a glimpse inside our Club stories. 

Some of our stories include the following: A BIG thank you to Travis, Melissa, Wrangler, Whitlee and Willow who brought their animals and teaching our kids and teens about their life and history. During our first Teen Night of the summer, our pre-teens and teens enjoyed their day full of pizza, games and good character & citizenship. Mr. Jeff Raymer from KY Fish and Wildlife came by to speak with our youth about KY animal laws and hunting and fishing safety tips and rules. Our Club members’ art skills were on full display with the several arts & crafts activities that were planned. They even had the opportunity to try out their “green thumbs” by helping our Area Director, Mrs. Amanda, plant and grow seeds. To end our Animal Week theme, Ms. Karri and Matti brought in silkie chicks for our youth to learn about. Our circus themed family night was a splendid success! We hope everyone enjoyed their first month and can’t wait to see what’s in store for July. 

Club Activities

In this picture gallery you will find: Arts & Crafts,  daily activities, clown coloring competition, planting seeds, gator and lizard making craft, STEM activities, and gaming activities.

Special Guests

In this gallery you’ll find all of our special guests’ and their activities: Travis, Melissa, Wrangler, Whitlee, and Willow with their animals; Mr. Jeff Raymer from KY Fish and Wildlife presentation; and Ms. Karri and Mattie with their silkie chicks.

Teen Night & Family Night

In this gallery you will find: moments inside our first Teen Night of the summer! Our pre-teen and teen Club youth enjoyed a wonderful day filled with great weather, pizza, games and good character & citizenship. Our Family Night was one for the books. We had a circus themed day full of activities during Club hours for our members such as clown themed arts and crafts. Then during the evening our Club families were able to join us for food, carnival games, and a photbooth. A special thank you to Sgt. Jessie Burden for stopping by and hanging out with our kids and teens. 

Additional June Stories

Check out our additional June stories that have their own blog posts on the links below!

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